6941 SW 196th Ave. Bay #17-19 Pembroke Pines, FL 33332

Studio Rental Information

Sunghee Ballet Academy is 3,600 square-foot facility featuring 2 state-of-the-art studios. Each studio is equipped with sprung flooring and sound equipment and can be rented by the hour for rehearsal and teaching space. In addition, the SBA can be rented for parties or special events. Feel free to invent your own creative use of our space.
Event rental must be scheduled in advance. Please call (954) 434-3030 to ask our receptionist to reserve space for you and to check availability for your classes, parties or events.
RENTAL AGREEMENT – When renting our space we ask that you sign a rental agreement and waiver of liability form, and to provide a Certificate of Insurance that names Sunghee Ballet Academy as insured for your event or class time.